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Down in the Galley

>> Sunday, April 14, 2013

            I got to sleep through mid-watch today so I had plenty of rest to help in the galley. I woke up at 0540 to report for my daylong shift as galley assistant at 0600. Pierre immediately set me up to prep grilled cheese for lunch. Then he asked me how he and I could possibly have the same last name (Cornell). He jokingly started a debate about who should leave since “there’s no room for two Cornell’s on this boat.”
            We finished making breakfast burritos, and then I worked hard grilling about 32 cheese sandwiches in a half hour. This display of my hard work impressed him. Soon after lunch, I made 45 butterscotch cookies for our midnight rations. They are supposed to come out a golden brown color. Mine could’ve used a bit more browning, but they still tasted pretty good. I thought the temperature in the galley was hot. Pierre said it was nothing compared to other experiences he’s had down there, so I am never going to complain about that again.
            At 1500, I sorted out all the cookies evenly by watch. My next task was rolling dough to prep the bread for dinner. I finished my day by making a giant salad. Today really inspired the cooking bug within me. When I return home, I’m going to look up recipes and perhaps make a binder full of stuff I want to make.
            Shout out to My Dad! When I get home, I may end up in the kitchen/ on the grill more. You’ll have to give me a lesson on how to make your famous pizza dough. Hello to all my family and friends! I miss you all.

Thomas Cornell


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