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>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

“Hands in the air! Hands in the air!” Yes mon.’ And a lot more was in the air at Carnival 2009 TRINIDAD. Tuesday seemed to be the jump off day for the country’s liveliest moment. Carnival was what everyone expected it to be, crowded, loud, dancing, food, and fun. As the tricks went by the “gyalls” jumped up and down side to side and waved there flags with pride. The costumes were bright and exotic just like the Caribbean itself. I have to say the best part was seeing the Ocean Classroom kids so into the Carnival. You could tell they were having fun with everyone there. The people in Carnival praised the group by dancing with us and just giving us that pure, authentic “Carnival Vibe”. It was just a good day to have fun, dance, eat good Roti!, lime with friends and family, and just celebrate culture and heritage. I have to say it was a good last stretch, especially when Ocean Classroom had got into it with one of the last groups. Oh man, we had a blast and we will do it again!

Jamaine Gooding- Student


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