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Beached Dolphin at Seabrook I.

>> Friday, April 18, 2014

While enjoying a walk along the sandy beach, I saw two trucks parked near the crashing waves. As I got closer to investigate I could see the body of a bottlenose dolphin. Two women, marine biologists, were taking different tests such as temperature, and were photographing the beached mammal. After looking more closely at the dolphin, I could see lesions scattered on its body. The women told us that the lesions and the fact that the dolphin died on the beach were definite signs of Morbillivirus, though she couldn't tell us conclusively at the time without more extensive testing. This virus has killed over 1,100 dolphins up and down the east coast over the last year. This is the second epidemic, one in the '80's killing only 800 bottlenose dolphins.

Watching the women examine the creature was interesting and it amazed me how quickly they did it. Finally seeing a bottlenose up close, exposed from the water, was interesting, since I've only seen them play in the wake of the Gamage's bow. Although it was sad to see such an beautiful animal dead--a tear still clinging onto its face--I'm interested to learn more about the Morbillivirus and other diseases that infect ocean animals.



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