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Cocoa farms, Service, and Phone Time

>> Tuesday, February 25, 2014

For the past two days, we've been working with local farmers here in Grenada. We knew we would be in for a good time when, when we asked what we could bring up to the project, they said "do you have any machetes?"

So we stopped on our way up and bought some machetes. Since then we've cut and cleaned bamboo, cleared fields, barked trees that steal light, made retaining walls, and turned compost. We've also played soccer with local kids, jumped in freshwater swim holes, watched movies in the street, ate supper and drank cocoa tea out of calabash bowls, and helped fisherman haul their catch.

Our contacts here in Grenada are the incomparable Dorise and Paula, who have been fantastic in finding us work, delicious food, a place to sleep, and the wireless connection that allowed us to call home and catch up with loved ones. Because of them our stay here was not only memorable, but unforgettable... Thanks so much!!

Their non-profit organization, the Cocoa Farming Future Initiative (CFFI), is working to help local Grenadian farmers and to promote sustainable and resilient crops. To learn more about their mission or volunteer and intern opportunities, check out their website at cffigrenada.org. You can also participate in their mission by buying a cocoa tree and supporting a local farmer. Donations are tax deductible. Let them know you learned about them from Ocean Classroom!!

Some of Luara's photos from the CFFI service project:

Phil carrying bamboo

One of our friends at CFFI, "Rasta" John


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