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>> Thursday, October 17, 2013

      A student poem relating the complex plot of Jack London's, Sea Wolf...

A young man stood at the helm of the boat
He had burning eyes and a very loud throat
Known as the tormenter, the dictator, the devil
Most of his crew couldn't keep their heads level
Each and every day was the same
With Wolf barking orders on the ocean so plain
But one day was different from most
For a man had fallen off a boat

As he lay in the icy, numb water
Waiting for his frail heart to falter
Wold Larsen came out of the blue
And rescued this man, to be part of his crew
The mystery man said Hump was his name
And he had come from a life of literary fame
He did not want to be part of Wolf's game
Hump asked nicely to board another boat, and get away
But Wolf was down one mate
So Hump was trapped to work all the days

Although the captain was a cruel, hard creature
He and Hump had a common feature
Throughout long nights they had intellectual debates
On things like ferment and the concept of fate
They were educated, but in different ways
Wolf was self-taught after a tough childhood phase
Hump, on the other hand, had a wealthy upbringing
And flew through wealthy schools like a new-found kingdom
He believed in morality and life after death
Wolf said people were worthless, with wasted breath

As days passed on, Hump witnessed the brutal disease
That seemed like it could never seize
The men threw punches, kicks, even knives
All to get back at Wolf for not being nice
After the crew rebelled and tackled the captain
Wolf dropped each man without a pain
Throughout all his violence, the first mate went missing
And Hump was promoted to fill the position

The strong boat and her crew met their match
A squall blew up while the hunters were out with their catch
The winds were howling, and the rain made it hard to see
All the small boats that were supposed to be
Luckily, the boats were collected one way or another
Even though Wolf thought it a very larger bother
A new boat was spotted as the clouds cleared
And in it was a woman no man could fear
She was weak and fragile, but Wolf demanded she stay
For her and her men's destination were out of his way

Maud was the woman all the men eyed
She was an educated woman, in whom Hump could confide
With big eyes, a small figure, and flowing brown hair
Hump found himself in love with this woman, so fair
But Maud had more than one man in her grasp
Wolf too had fallen for her fast

Wolf had but one brother, named Death
Who you could say could be your last breath
He too hunted seals without mercy
So Wold decided he too was thirsty
For some revenge against his own blood
He hunted his brother's boats and made them his
So that he, Wolf, could have the reigning fist
After the victory, Wolf decided it was just
To have Maud to fulfill his lust
Hump woke up to this dispute
Jumped on Wolf, wanting his injuries to be more than minute
Wolf crumbled to the ground, but not from Hump's knife
But from his own need to cling to life
As Wolf had been suffering from a grave illness

Hump and Maud escaped on a boat and voyaged for days
Finally leaving that horrible place
The reign of Wolf Larsen followed the couple
To the island to cause some more trouble
But he had become weak from the trouble in his head
So the two take care of him until he was dead
They refused to kill him and his was a slow death
They believed it wrong to take an innocent's last breath
When the evil of the world had gone
The love birds flew away into the dawn



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