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Dolphins off the Starboard Bow

>> Wednesday, March 13, 2013

            So here we are in Grenada. We arrived today, March 3rd, after a short passage from Carriacou. Before that, we had a delightful stay in Bequia. Ever since Dominica, there have only been little hops from island to island, which I’ve enjoyed. After Grenada, we sail to Trinidad, the last little hop before the big trip to the Dominican Republic.
            On one of our hops, I believe it was from Dominica to Bequia, we saw one of the coolest things I have ever seen. We were sailing along, when someone shouted “Dolphins off the starboard bow.” We all saw a pod of 50-100 dolphins coming from a short distance away. It looked like a bunch of tiny minnows jumping. They jump in the same manner as minnows, but they are dolphins!
            The dolphins got closer to the boat, still jumping all around, in and out of the water. When they got to the ship, they reversed direction and started swimming with the ship, jumping in and around the ship’s bow wake. Looking over the rail, I could see them in the water swimming alongside the hull. After a few minutes of this, the dolphins got bored I suppose and started to swimming away in their big pod. We watched them jump and swim away. Even after a few minutes, we could follow their progress by looking at the white water where they jumped. Seeing the dolphins was definitely the coolest thing I have seen while sailing!!

Carter Goodell


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