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>> Monday, February 11, 2013

In early February, twenty-one students joined Harvey Gamage crew and educators in St. Thomas where they begin their 4-month semester at sea. Check out the pictures of students and crew and be sure to follow their voyage on iBoat Track.Stay tuned for images of the crew aboard Virginia.

A Watch: Mr. Leathers, Chief Mate; Parker Gassett, Deckhand; Diane Sternburg - Literature/Head Educator; students: Ben, Cameron, Clayton, Alex, Sarah, Hila, & John

A Watch striking a silly pose

B Watch: Mr. Klodenski - 2nd Mate; Timba, Deckhand; Pamela Ugor, Educator, Caribbean & Maritime History; students: Luca, Diego, Andrew, Teagan, Myron, Chelsea & Cassidy

B Watch striking a silly pose
C Watch: Mr. Alvin, 3rd Mate; Blythe Brugger, Deckhand & 2008 Alumni; Phil Thompson, Educator, Marine Science; students: Joe, Thomas, Carter, Hayden, Mira, Elias & Anna
C Watch striking a silly pose

Esteemed Capt. Christopher Flansburg
Our fabulous cook, Pierre Cornell


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