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Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

Science, Strolling, and Swimming in Sandy Hook

>> Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello All! We are underway from Sandy Hook, New Jersey, headed south to Cape Charles, Virgina! We were in Sandy Hook for two short nights, anchored with a beautiful view of New York City. The George Washington Bridge stretched over the upper bay from New Jersey to New York. The city sparkled at night and majestically rose in the sunshine during the day. It was so close and yet so far away. The full moon shone with the bright lights of the city. The clouds parted around the moon like people parting for a queen. The mood on the Gamage was cheerful and joyous as  we strummed along on guitars and rang out in song. It was a marvelous time for a night out at sea.

In Sandy Hook, we got to go to an awesome lab run by NOAA [National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]. We learned how they test and research fish and other organisms including plankton and clams. They showed us equipment, the huge tanks they keep their fish in, and the various labs for different experiments. It was extremely interesting and a very eye-opening educational experience.

Julia, Nikki, and Lilli pose with their work.
Also in Sandy Hook, we wobbled on our sea legs to a beach four miles away. That is an eight-mile round trip! We were not used to walking so much and some of us were even sore! It was nice to get moving again though. We went to a beach that had washed up trash all over it. We had a challenge to use the trash to create the most meaningful piece of artwork. There were huge ships made, people, and even a lobster dinner, however, I think my group and I had the best one of all. Nikki, Lilli, and I made an awesome dead fish with trash inside and being caught by a hook. It showed how our littering is killing marine life and that we are overfishing the seas. We definitely won even through they did not pick a winner.

After all that trash art, we got to go swimming in the very salty ocean off at Gateway National Recreation Area. It felt amazing and was a blast. I still have sand in my hair that I cannot seem to shake loose without a real shower. I guess we will all be sandy until our next freshwater opportunity!

The warm air is slowly creeping up on us as we head south, closer and closer to the Caribbean. I know we all cannot wait to take off our long underwear and warm hats. We are all still enjoying this so much and are learning the sails and sea. And these sails and sea are taking us to glorious Cape Charles, Virgina! 



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