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>> Monday, March 19, 2012

If you asked me to tell you about the most beautiful sailboat I have ever seen, you might expect me to describe the modern, large, fancy floating piece of fiberglass that people sail around these days. The most beautiful boat that I have ever seen is a classic little boat. She is handmade, five years old, white hull with red accents, and only has only a main sail and jib. She is a sloop built by brothers in Carricou, an island rich with traditional boatbuilding history.

In Carricou we studied the history of the sloops: how they are made and what they are used for presently and in the past. A local named Uncle Cee, also the captain of the sloop I described earlier, was kind enough to take us out on his fishing sloop to show us what traditional sailing is like for the people of Carricou.

I am so grateful for the experience. Ripping through the water, sitting on the cabin top, getting splashed by waves and watching the crew of thee sail that little sloop was a high moment for me. Seeing experienced and understanding their love for the water, their sloops, and what they do every day really made me gain an appreciation for sailing. I will never forget the feeling of being unstoppable as we soared through the water and how much we all laughed as the waves kept washing over the side onto me. Carricou, by far, has been one of the highlights of our voyage. I am beginning to really understand how lucky I am to be here.

Patricia, Brooklyn, New York


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