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>> Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After much anticipation we arrived

in Dominica, the island of adventure. Sitting here at 0200 on anchor watch, the island is still full of life reverberating from the subwoofers and reggae rhythms. As Carnival quickly approaches the atmosphere on the island is one of growing excitement and joy.

Today we visited Dominica’s open air market. A colony of umbrellas has taken over an area the size of a few blocks, filled with stands overflowing with fresh produce. Walking from the dock where a cruise ship sat burping out tourists with pasty skin and cameras, we moved towards the heart of town and came across a colony of sellers all yelling about products, prices and quality.

The freshness and quality that the market offers is impressive, but the people are what make the experience really enjoyable. Everyone is approachable, happy to answer questions and lend advice about food, recipes, and life. Wanted or unwanted, it seems that everyone had something to say. We met a woman named Catherine in the market, and when we mentioned we were on a semester at sea program, her eyes lit up. “Oh, on the Harvey Gamage, no?” she asked and explained that she has known many of the crew members and cooks from past semesters. It was amazing that we were able to find that connection among the chaos of the market. She went on to advise us on the best ingredients for our meal and wish us a safe journey after leaving Dominica.

The experience at the open air market was a sensory overload, but overall very enjoyable. Not only did we buy fresh and local ingredients, we (the students) cooked our own Caribbean curry and got a taste of Dominican culture.


Glastenbury, VT


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