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Student Writing about Bioluminescence Bay in Vieques

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

Author: Ashley Charles

Location: Vieques, Puerto Rico

“Ashley, It’s time to get up.” Crumbling, I sat up and checked my watch. 03:45 am sharp. Perfect, I thought, another jarring blow to my sleep schedule. We had been awakened at such a time to observed bioluminescence in their natural habitat, which meant tromping through a dark trail to get to a small bay. I was less that thrilled about this, and whizzed through the silent waters in Sherman.

After a terrifying walk through the overbrush ( I won’t swear it, but something was in the trees), we came to a clearing. Hushed into a defining quiet, we took in the shadows of trees lining the bay. When given the cue to swim out, we ran, shouting and screaming as the tiny creatures illuminated our path. The water transformed us into magicians, light following every move. I raised my arm out of the water, mesmerized by the pinpricks of light flickering in and out.

We came up, shivering, creatures sparkling in our hair, on our faces, in our hearts. Twilight was just beginning as we ambled back to the beach, full of wonder and laughter.


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