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House Building!

>> Monday, March 15, 2010

The student crew is  currently in Luperon, DR for about the next week working on our service mission with the "Village" Mountain Mission, where we are building a modest home for Ceneida and Salvador and their kids Meirdi, Antonio, and Samuel. The house will be 18' x 20' with a small porch, built of concrete block and poured cement.

This morning we toured the La 17 pueblo of "La Savanna," and checked out some houses built by the Village in the past. After lunch, the tours ended and we got to work lugging 500 cement blocks and digging a footer for the foundation. Tomorrow we'll mix and pour concrete and start laying block.

The village kids were on hand the whole afternoon, and we've been making friends by the dozen. Internet access is not the best, so we'll be posting a complete update with pictures in a few days.

Before we came to Luperon, we spent a day at the National Park in Samana and had "Schooner Olympics," a nautical challenge won by C watch. More to come!!

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