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Professional Crew Bios

>> Tuesday, February 2, 2010

For photos of our professional sailors, see the flickr set devoted to our trip linked both here and in the above linkbar, or in the slideshow to your right.

Captain Christopher Flansburg
Appleton, ME

Captain Flansburg holds a USCG 500 ton Oceans Master's license, and has been sailing with OCF for over a decade. This will be his second spring in a row as captain of the Discovery program, his favorite OCF trip. He has sailed professionally all over the globe, and before his sailing career he was paid by the Army to jump out of planes. In the few months he is not at sea, Captain Flansburg can be found in his Maine cottage baking bread and out in his forge manipulating metal into gorgeous and functional pieces of art.

Alyson Graham
Education Director/Literature Teacher
Walker Valley, NY
Alyson began her relationship with Ocean Classroom Foundation as a college semester student aboard Harvey Gamage in 1997.  Over the past thirteen years, Alyson has remained committed to this dynamic relationship.  Her passion for sharing travel and experiential education via traditional schooners is an integral piece of the Ocean Classroom Foundation’s ability to maintain three operational vessels year round.  When she is not living at her new house in Maine and working from the Ocean Classroom office in Boothbay Harbor, she joins the crew on board as an educator.  Alyson looks forward to sharing her interest in Maritime Literature with the oncoming group of students and exposing them to a series of ports stops she has come to know quite well.Alyson graduated with a degree in Sociology from Southampton College and has earned her Master's in Education from SUNY.
Abi Iverson
Science Educator
Chicago, IL

Abi joined Ocean Classroom Foundation in 2009 as Educator.  She brings to this semester program 11 years experience in education, both in the classroom and through experiential and extracurricular programs within United States and abroad.  Abi began sailing tall ships professionally in 2007, and enjoys being able to align her passions for sailing, travel, and educationShe looks forward to exploring the Caribbean with her students and sharing her knowledge of Marine Science. Abi holds a BA from Long Island University's Global College with a concentration in Education.

John Petrillo
History Educator
Toms River, NJ

John has been working as an educator with OCF since 2003, and this will be his fourth spring high school trip. When not sailing as an educator in the Discovery high school program, he runs the college semester program SEAmester out of the University of Maine. John has a BS in Social History from Carnegie Mellon University and an MA in American Studies from Brown University. He also holds a USCG 100 ton Near Coastal Master's license.

Christopher Fleming
Chief Mate
Denver, CO
Mr. Fleming has worked for Ocean Classroom Foundation for the past four years.  He comes to OCF with 18 years experience working in experiential education and 14 years in the maritime industry.  As Chief Mate on this voyage, Mr. Fleming looks forward to providing a safe program and helping students to define and build their own character. Mr. Fleming holds a USCG 1600 ton Oceans license, is a certified Social Worker, and plays the violin, mandolin, and the marimba.
Jill Hughes
2nd Mate
Buffalo, NY
Ms. Hughes has been sailing professionally for the last seven years.  Previously she has sailed for Ocean Classroom Foundation aboard Schooner Westward and she looks forward to her first Caribbean voyage aboard the Harvey Gamage.  When she is not sailing she enjoys developing her culinary skills and quilting.  While she is excited to meet and share this journey with her crew and students, she will miss her pet mouse Butternut, who will be there to catch dock lines in Boston on June 5th! Jill graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Relations.
Ryan Graham
3rd Mate
Walker Valley, NY
Mr. Graham joined Ocean Classroom six years ago as a carpenter and shipwright during a major yard period for Harvey Gamage.  This will be Mr. Graham’s second high school semester program and he looks forward to sharing his bo’s’nry and carpentry skills with the oncoming students.  Above all he is glad to be back aboard one of his favorite schooners, Harvey Gamage. Mr. Graham holds a USCG 100 tom Inland Master's license and an Associate's degree in Film and Digital Media (this blog would look sick if he we in charge of it!).
Christopher Hunter
Ship’s Cook
Pasadena, CA
Mr. Hunter has worked for Ocean Classroom Foundation nearly year-round for the last five years.  This will be Mr. Hunter’s fourth High School Spring Semester.  Mr. Hunter greatly anticipates our visit to Guanaja, Honduras and educating students on proper galley protocol.  During his time off ship he relaxes at his home in Monte Plata, Dominican Republic.
Dave Kelly
Marshfield, MA
Dave joined Ocean Classroom Foundation last year as engineer.  He looks forward to sharing his knowledge of Harvey Gamage’s marine systems, and derives great energy from those who are excited to learn about how things work.  When he’s not on watch or involved in maintaining the inner workings of our home for the next four months, he hopes to spend time fishing, whale watching, and bolstering his skills in Celestial Navigation. David holds a USCG 100 ton Inland Master's license. 
Devin Trainor
Deckhand/Medical Officer
Vinalhaven, ME
Devin comes to Ocean Classroom with experience as a commercial fisherman in Maine and Alaska.  Growing up in Maine, he has spent a lot time around boats and on the water.  He looks forward to getting to know the students and supporting their transition to tall ship sailors.  At higher altitudes, Devin enjoys mountain biking and competes at the collegiate level. Devin graduated from Humbolt State College, and has the day off today because he turned 24!
Jen Allen
Santa Cruz, CA
In Spring of 2005, Jen came to Ocean Classroom Foundation as a college semester student with SEAmester.  She has since completed her degree in Marine Biology from Southampton College and has worked for Ocean Classroom as a deckhand for a total of eight months since then.  Jen loves to surf and looks forward to learning along side the students this semester. 


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