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>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gli-Gli? Now I know you guys must be scratching your heads wondering what it is. On February 4th, we all went to Tortola from our anchored boat in Trellis Bay, five students each in our small boat named Sherman. The purpose of our trip was to meet Aragorn, one of the creators of the Gli-Gli project, his small traditional dugout canoe that was built in 1995. When we all got to Tortola, Aragorn made us an offer that if we would help do a beach cleanup, in exchange he would let us sail Gli-Gli. Gli-Gli was built from one tree on Dominica and it was a project for the Carib people to make a connection with indigenous people in the Caribbean region. The canoe actually made an 800 mile voyage to South America. So to sail it was an amazing experience for us. However, I must admit it was scary. We sailed to a little nearby island, swam, explored, and sailed back to Tortola for a BBQ on the beach by the moonlight.
student, Sally Nguyen

For pictures and more information on the Gli-Gli project visit the following link:


oceanfnn February 13, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

Sally - it all sounds so interesting!! We get to learn so much from your trip (although wish we were there instead of cold New England). Hi Sally itss josiee i hope you're having a fun time!!! take lots of picss!
Back to Jen - Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures. Happy Valentines Day! Love, Jen, Mike, Josie and Luke

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